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My name is Arvid, I am a software guy from Germany. With a strong background in Frontend Development and Backend Services, I offer Full Stack Engineering services as well as Software Architecture and Development Methodology consulting.

In recent years, I have been doing Application Performance consulting and engineering for my clients. I like to get my hands dirty from the start.

In 2014, I co-founded obergudt, a market network for local food. I'm responsible for the full implementation of the platform, front to back.

What I can do for you

Software Engineering

If you need help developing software for the web, get in touch. I've worked with many technologies, the most important ones are mentioned below. Solving problems is something I enjoy.

Software Analysis

If you feel that your application has become outdated or bloated, I can help fixing it by looking at it from a professional perspective. I'm competent in System Architecture methodologies and Application Performance Monitoring and Optimizations.

IT Consulting

If your developers are not working as efficiently as you would like, I can inspect their development methodology and suggest improvements I have (painstakingly) learned over the last decade.

  • Experience

    The projects I worked on range from small business portfolios to web applications with 200k+ concurrent users.

    I'm well versed in Frontend Development methodologies and patterns. I have experience in transitioning server-heavy applications to modern yet controllable frontend technologies.

    I have a strong grasp on programming languages and their inner workings. I've worked with JavaScript/CoffeeScript, Java, Go, Ruby and PHP.

    Building and Deploying stable and resilient Microservice architectures is relevant for many modern systems, particularly when they are distributed like most systems in the IoT space. I can help with that.

  • Interests

    If there is a challenge, I am interested in tackling it.

    I enjoy creating solutions that solve a problem and prevent further problems from emerging. That's why I keep up-to-date with Development Patterns, Methodologies and Trends.

    Technologies come and go, and I watch them doing just that. If you want to know if a particular technology matches your needs, I can help you make a decision.

ProjectsI've worked on

  • obergudt

    obergudt is a Berlin-based startup building a portal for people who care about where their food. We built a map-based web app that shows where local food producers are in your vicinity. I prototyped and implemented this platform, full-stack.

    Koding is an IDE for Developers in the Cloud, based in San Francisco. For Koding, I worked on the frontend, developing social features, code-centric interactivity prototypes and administrative features.


    Plunet is a Berlin-based company specializing in translation management system software with a global customer base. I am managing the integration of modern Software Architecture processes and UX-centric Development Practices.

technology I have worked with extensively

  • AngularJS


    I've been using Angular since 2013, the obergudt web app is based on the Angular framework, using a REST-interface to interact with platform data. The declarative approach makes Angular perfect for a Single-Page app with high interactivity.



    I've worked with Node in production environments, building REST APIs and modelling business logic for distributed systems. The obergudt backend runs on a cluster of NodeJS servers.



    I have over a decade of experience in Java Design Patterns and Implementation Methodology, I am interested in web-centric Java projects employing frameworks like GWT.

  • CoffeeScript / JavaScript

    CoffeeScript / JavaScript

    I'm fluent in JS and CoffeeScript, a JS transpiler. I've worked with this language family for over five years now. My knowledge includes JS-based database technology (MongoDB, Couchdb), backend technology (NodeJS) and a myriad of frontend frameworks/technologies (Angular, jQuery, Firebase, ...)

    Team Member

    Development Tech

    Automation speeds up development, my preferred dev environment is highly optimized for automated build and deployment processes, virtualized and extensible.

    Team Member

    Design Patterns

    Regardless of language used, software needs structure. I'm well versed in a multitude of general and specific design patterns that allows for maintainable and scalable software.

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